Night at the museum (sans Ben Stiller)

Jun 10, 2011

Besides working as a museum educator, I happen to love going to museums of all sorts and poking around. Luckily, I live in a city where it’s easy to do that. Here are some apps for museum lovers out there. Though a few of them are NYC-centric, I also included apps that museum lovers all over can enjoy.


This app is exactly what a mobile museum app should be-it’s like having a brochure and tour guide all at the tips of your fingers.


Museum Finder

This app can help you find and search out your museum of choice based on the type of museum you want. It includes contact info and location.


Brooklyn Museum Mobile

I love this museum, which sometimes gets lost in the shuffle because non-brooklynites blush at the schlep. Keep update on the awesome and ever changing exhibits, and look up info about specific pieces in the collection!


Art History

Even though I work in a museum, I am not an art historian, and sometimes being able to look up info about artists, terms, and the seminal works by various painters is really helpful. This app takes some of the intimidation factor out of heading to an art museum.


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