Isaac Newton discovered gravity and was a major player in science when it came to physics, so it makes sense that a game about different physics elements should be named after him. Newton is a small game for Android phones that is focused on a very simple concept. The object of the game is to shoot a bullet from the ship on the screen and hit the pink target.

At first, it seems pretty simple to do, but as new elements are introduced, it gets much harder. The game starts off with a very simple setup. You have your ship, the goal and an object to get past. This is easy as you adjust your angle to hit it. But soon into the game different objects that affect your bullet are introduced and are necessary to bend the bullet around obstacles. The game’s controls were pretty straightforward although there were times when it just took too long to get the objects where I wanted them.

The game definitely feels a little cheap but the puzzles are really what make this worth grabbing. There were times when I really did struggle to get the bullet to the target. At the time of this review, the full version hadn’t been released but there was a free lite version to try out. Check it out.

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