News apps that keep my browser history clear at work

Nov 2, 2010

Oh, come on. You know you check the news on the internet at work. But if you’re like me, you know that Big Brother might be keeping an eye on you – so why not use that fancy-pants Android phone to keep yourself up-to-date instead? Use them during your commute on the bus or the train… and maybe for a sneak peek under the desk once in awhile (I won’t tell on you). These are my go-to morning news apps – what are YOURS?

Huffington Post

Ah, my favorite liberal news media site. Easy interface, quick load, and nicely sorted by topic just like the full browser version.



Keeping up with the tech world, and CNET is one of my trusty go-to sites for a little bit of everything.


NEW York Times

For all the big world news and top headlines, the NYT app is another one with a slick interface.


Bears News

Nice little aggregator that pulls stories about my favorite NFL team from local and national news sources into one stream


E! News

Celebrity gossip. Guilty as charged. I don’t love how the app is set up and sometimes the links are broken, but it’s all they have for now and I have GOT to get my fix.


Phandroid (OLD)

Android-specific news and updates from, which is also the home of my favorite Android support forum (


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