Robin is your imperfect Siri-like girlfriend available for free on your Android device. She likes to boss you around while driving and might even give you the wrong directions. But, Robin will take your feedback and patch up her problems unlike your perfect girlfriend. Hmmm… sounds interesting, right? If you enjoy trying apps while in beta, then Robin is just the kind of Android app you will want to play around with, especially while driving.

Robin uses “gesture activation” allowing you to double wave in front of your device in order to wake her up. But the creators of the app actually advise double swiping the device with your hand for best results—in other words you need to touch your phone.

Looking for the cheapest parking or local gas prices? Robin can help you with that, too. She can find places for you, read your Twitter feed, tell you a joke, find out what the weather will be like tomorrow, or even remind you to go to the gym in the morning. She really is like a girlfriend, only free and you do not have to buy her birthday presents. I kid, I kid… Robin cannot love you back.

Robin is a great Android app for folks always on-the-go in their car hunting down new places or traveling for work. She is a magnificent travel companion. You can even set her to find the exact fuel type you want if you check out her settings.

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