Before going further, I have to emphasize that this post is not sponsored or requested by Netflix. I mention this just because I run into sponsored stories about Netflix all around the web, so it might be difficult to differentiate between the truth and the paid opinion. We have published a review on Netflix five years ago, it is high time re-reviewing it.

But go back to my journey. The main reason I prefer watching things on at least a laptop is that I small screens cause me a headache after a few minutes. Therefore, when I was sitting in the terminal of Paris Charles De Gaulle, I started reading first. Then listening to music. Then playing stupid games on my smartphone. Then starting to loose my temper, and getting bored and homesick – and still having 8 hours to kill in a literal “no man’s land”.  So, after getting struggling with YouTube videos, I downloaded Netflix and started to enjoy it.

Thanks to my job, I already had an account and I get the monthly fee paid (one of the few bright sides of being occupied by a marketing company), but I have never used it on any device more mobile than my laptop.

The biggest surprise was that as soon as I logged in, I could see the episode of GoT exactly from the point I finished at home, on my laptop, ages ago. That was when I was made sure that there cannot be any syncing problems, even though I use a old phone with weak… well, with weak everything.

I was very worried about the user interface. I am an old school user, so when I would like to do some serious business, I always look for desktop solutions first. However, when I used Netflix on my mobile, I did not felt any concerns. I always knew where I was in the app, and I wasn’t afraid of downloading something unwanted for which I have to play endless sums of money.

Screen size is not a real issue, until you watch your show in a calm environment, for example on coach or during your trip to somewhere. So if you are not in a room with full of people and you can give certain level of attention to what you are doing, it will not cause any problem.

The service is very fast: there is no need for waiting endless hours for the film to download. The quality is usually very good, and, above all, there are no annoying advertisements while watching. To the top of all, this is a legal source of almost unlimited number of series, which is, I think a very fair option.

The only thing I was disappointed about is that Netflix does not support even the subtitles of my mother tongue. There is no Hungarian dubbing, there are no subtitles, and only a few Hungarian series – the most famous and top-cost ones. This, I think, is a real issue. If I pay a large sum for something which is on the Internet, I have my absolute respect to all the staff of the project, all the artists, actors, painters, etc. For this money, I would like to enjoy the piece of art in the best way I can, which is impossible for many, if they cannot enjoy it on their mother tongues.

Anyway, most of my concerns were ruined by this application. It works on old, small-screen devices, it provides a good user experience and there is great variety of content you can watch. Additionally, the mobility of your device provides endless opportunities. Just imagine that you can watch your favorite movie on the go, you can never miss an episode while going from one point to another.

I think it is absolutely worth having Netflix on your Android device, despite of all its weaknesses. If you have a Netflix account on your desktop computer, it is absolutely worth trying it. There is nothing you can lose.