NBA JAM. You like that, of course, because you played it oh so much with your friends when you were a kid. NBA JAM by EA Sports on your phone is similar to that version you played on the Super Nintendo back in the day, and I can’t help but think you’ll enjoy it here, too.

If you’re not familiar with NBA JAM, well, it’s an arcade-style basketball game in which you do crazy dunks and can shove players to the floor, and when you score six consecutive points the ball catches on fire. And it’s 2-on-2.

EA made the smart business decision to bring this game into the modern day, but they didn’t mess up the formula. The main difference between modern NBA JAM and the old version is that now you can play online. You don’t technically play online in the Android version, though; you have to be on the same Wi-Fi network with whoever you want to play against. But that’s OK, because it enables trash talking, which is half the fun.

NBA JAM is a little expensive for a typical smartphone game at $5, but the value is there if you can find a friend with the game. If you don’t find a friend, you may end up feeling a little bit sad about your purchase, because playing against the computer gets old quickly.

Still, it’s a quality game, and it handles really well on the tiny screen. And if you liked NBA JAM before, you’ll like it now, too.