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Bring the NBA experience to your Android phone with NBA League Pass Mobile. NBA TV access is costly at $44.99, but it’s like having an NBA-specific premium channel on your mobile. View national and local games (live and replays), see scores and team and player stats. The Android app optimizes its video stream based on your Wi-Fi connection.

For a free alternative to the NBA’s premium Android apps, LiveScore for Android has expanded beyond football to include basketball and more. Get live stats and scores of the basketball games you’re following, with just the information you need. Live Scores is also helpful for those with fantasy basketball teams.

The free Yahoo! Fantasy Sports app can help you keep tabs on your digital roster. See changes to your team’s stats in real time, manage your roster, and get play-by-play updates. Alerts can be set to appear on your Android notification bar, making sure you don’t miss a thing.

The new lineup

Think the Los Angeles Lakers can defend their 2010 championship all the way? Stay informed with their official Android app. It combines local and national news, links to popular blog, backgrounds, alerts and it’s free.

The Western Conference No. 1 seeded San Antonio Spurs ended the season with the second-best record in basketball. San Antonio Spurs app, also free, is a very interactive app that allows users to send in their own pictures, videos and accounts, forward interesting news and articles to their friends and get new alerts. Fans of the New York Knicks can download a similar app, Official New York Knicks.

There are several free apps for teams like the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic, but this is where Android drops the ball. There’s still plenty to get you through the playoffs… and there’s always next year.