We are a house divided. Red states vs. blue states. Donkeys vs. Elephants and Tea Partyers.

But let’s talk about what really matters. This great country is divided by operating systems on smartphones.

Are you in an Android or iPhone or BlackBerry state? (Yes, there still are BlackBerry states.) Or neutral like Switzerland?

Me? I’m an Android guy in Illinois, an iPhone state. My friend Peter swings the other way, he’s a iPhone guy in Delaware, an Android state.

And my friend Brad, the managing editor at Appolicious, hedges his bets. He’s bi-cellular with iPhone and Android here in the Land of iPhone (and Lincoln). Occupational requirement.

Where do you stand?

TechCrunch tells all based on a report from the mobile ad network Jumptap.

Jumptap said: “There’s a clear pattern of Android (from Google) over-indexing in the South and Southwest parts of the country with iOS (from Apple) doing well in the Northeast and Midwest states.”

BlackBerry from Research in Motion still has an isolated presence—in New York, the Dakotas, Oregon, among others. And a few states, such as Nevada, New Mexico and Oklahoma and some Southern states are neutral in this battle for mobile hearts, minds and ad impressions.

Android rules?

Erick Schonfeld noted in TechCrunch: “Overall Android market share is 38 percent versus 33 percent for Apple’s iOS, as of June.” Jumptap bases its numbers on ad impressions on mobile apps.

Schonfeld said: “What is clear is that there are more Android phones in the U.S. than iPhones. But more is not necessarily better. If you drill down to Jumptap’s click-through rates, iOS still performs better for advertisers. Mobile ads on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches are clicked on 0.78 percent of the time compared to 0.47 percent for Android (and 0.36 percent for Blackberry).”