We get to cover a very wide spectrum of mobile gaming with this week’s releases. Our selections range from the most simple and elegant arcade and puzzle games to one of the most high-tech, high-profile, and high-octane shooter around right now. I am of course referring to N.O.V.A. 3 from Gameloft, the latest entry in the excellent sci-fi shooter series. We also got new stuff from Miniclip.com, a tilt controlled law breaking endless runner, a simple as can be arcade title, and one of the most novel and elegant puzzlers around today. Here are this week’s top Android games!

Gyro (Free)

This is an extremely simple and elegant arcade title from Submachine Factory. You have a spinning disc that is divided into three differently-colored sections. Soon, random orbs of those same colors will head your way, and you simply have to spin the disc to ensure the colors match on impact. It starts out quite simple, but as things get faster and more hectic, and as special power-up orbs are introduced, it becomes anything but. After a while you’ll even earn Pro Mode, so you can skip that easy part and get right to the crazy. Swarm achievements and leaderboards are supported, and this simple and free time killer is definitely worth a download.