MySpace is still going strong despite what some critics would say. It has recently purchased the music site Imeem and shows no sign of stopping. The latest from the MySpace team is an app for Android phones. This app tries to offer all the basic functionality of your MySpace profile and brings the experience to you wherever you are.

The app is basically broken down into 4 different sections. There is the Home tab where you will update your status, view the latest news and friend requests and more. There is also the Inbox where all of your messages will be kept. There is the Top friends tab where you will be able to view all the latest happenings with your best friends, and there is the Albums tab where your photos you have uploaded can be viewed.

Users can search MySpace for other profiles they might but interested in but the app won’t let you listen to any music posted which was a large bummer considering the popularity of artist pages. Overall, it was nice to be able to have my account on the go and as you can see I am not a heavy user. Dedicated MySpace fans will love the mobility of the app but I think it leaves out a lot of what makes MySpace different from other social network sites. Check it out.