The concept of the free app for Android is simply to create a one-stop shop for all your shopping needs and wants, which is more complicated than it sounds.

The shopping app opens to a simple search screen in which users enter the name of the selected items they’re shopping for — one at a time. First, I shopped for socks, and the app returned 69,810 possible purchases. Yikes! I was then able to select and narrow results by a plethora of choices such as brand, color, size, sport and many more. Helpful, but much too involved for finding a simple pair of white sport socks.

Next, I shopped for some tea and got back 84,897 choices! While the app also gave several customized ways to narrow the results of finding the tea that’s right for me, including searching by health concerns, dietary needs and mineral type, the selection was too overwhelming, and I ended up walking a block to pick some up.

After all, if I wanted thousands of selections, I could have just searched for socks and tea on a search engine versus downloading a special app to do it.

The My Shopping portion of the app keeps track of your recent searches and last-viewed products, and is pretty handy for remembering things you might want to return and purchase down the road. The app also allows you to save and email products for feedback from friends and family — a great idea for holiday and birthday shopping for that hard-to-buy-for person.

Overall, if you have lots of time to kill searching for the perfectly priced item, this app is for you, and if you prefer a more narrowed-down shopping experience, look to shopping apps from big box or department stores.