Who needs a bunch of social networking apps when they can consolidate everything into one? That’s the philosophy behind MyLife, a new Android app for busy social networkers on-the-go. Its release is accompanied by an extravagant marketing push, showing a lot of faith in the Android user base. CES attendees will be glad to know of the 2012 release of the CES Android app, helping them get around the conference and stay abreast of news. BuddyTV also made a splash with its programming companion, with personalized recommendations on TV shows, movies and even Netflix.

avast! Mobile Security (Free)

The latest antivirus app for your Android, avast! Mobile Security protects your personal information with automated virus scans, and alerts that keep you from clicking on infected web links. There’s some anti-theft features as well, including remote SMS commands to wipe your Android device, lock it, set off a siren alarm, track it through GPS and audio monitoring so you can hear what your thief is up to. The option to hide apps makes it difficult for thieves to find and disable the security app, as today’s smartphone must outwit the bad guys at every turn.