Android’s global dominance makes it a difficult platform to ignore, even for rivals. Microsoft released another app on Google Play, the latest being My Xbox LIVE. And while Android’s other rival, Apple, has Siri, more voice-activated assistant apps keep popping up on Google Play, including Robin, quickly rising in popularity. Carat also made waves this week with an app that finds energy vampires on your Android for personalized recommendations on how to save power.


It seems doctor’s offices are getting more tech savvy, but what about you? PocketHealth is a mobile app for keeping tabs on your medical data, helping you track medications, conditions and appointments. With this Android app you manage all of your own data, encrypted and stored on your device. But you can still share select data with healthcare providers of your choice, making it easier for both parties to track information. The app is most useful for moms and caregivers that need to track kids’ immunizations or document appointments and medications, and the app also lets you link to online medical resources and search for additional items like medical terms.

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