The My Trip Recorder app for Android works as a travel log, including maps, journals, photos and videos from your trip. It essentially makes all of your friends and family back home jealous of how much fun you’re having on the road, and perhaps gives them a little peace of mind, knowing that you’re safe, as well.

To get started, click the Add tab. Here, you create your entry, and attach photos and videos from your phone’s photo library. Your entries will be displayed on the Log and Map tab. My Trip Recorder will log all of your journal entries, photos and videos by date and location. Then, just click Upload It, and your entries will be posted on the web, where they can be shared with friends.

The concept of this app is very neat, but it has a few bugs that need to be ironed out. Adding information is easy, but making corrections to and deleting this data is a different story. I found myself with five tabs called New Trip, but had no idea how to delete them. The app is very difficult to navigate, and it took a while before I really began to feel comfortable using it.

While looks aren’t everything, both the mother web site and the app itself could use some design upgrades. Additionally, the site could afford to link to other popular social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, to make sharing with friends a little more streamlined and simple. This would also ensure that more people look at the log that you took the time to create.