My Peruvian List – Top 5 Apps for Traveling Peru

Aug 19, 2011

I am planning a South American trip and these are the apps I’m taking to help me through Peru. Machu Picchu here I come!

Perú Noticias

This app gives access to all the major news sources in Peru – in Spanish. And, it’s free! Reading the news in Spanish before visiting is a great way to learn the language and about Peru at the same time!


Peru Quick Facts

or the traveler that wants a brief overview of Peru – this $.99 set of facts about Peru is a good bet. People, geography, government, weather, economy, politics, exports (hmmmm.), communications, transportation and military.


Peru Journeys To Golden Cities

This app costs $9.95 and is an excellent, detailed, 48-minute long documentary on the history and culture of Peru. Recommend.


Spanish Dictionary by Oxford

This dictionary costs $24.99 and is storable to the SD card. It is the comprehensive Spanish dictionary, useful to have while traveling and now it will take up no physical space!



Show your Peruvian patriotism with this live wallpaper that is a Peruvian Flag, waving gently.


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