My Favorite Android Apps for Paris, France

Jul 7, 2011

J’aime La Paris! I have studied French for five years and am gearing up for my first trip to Paris. Very excited! Here are some apps I’m using for trip planning.

Paris Photos

I am ready to go to Paris! This slide show can give you a taste of the city’s beauty. Over 100 full-color photos you can share with others via FB or gmail or set as your wallpaper or just look at for a taste of Paris.


Paris Compass

Tis $.99 app from Lonely Planet displays restaurants, hotels, bars, nightlife venues, museums, shopping and more on a map – and you can also use augmented reality to sow you exactly where the places are and how far away they are. Each entry contains a Lonely Planet review. Useful!


Paris Walks

Paris is a beautiful city to see on foot and this app can help. It’s $3.99 and contains eight GPS-guided walking tours of Paris.


Paris Doctors

This free app helps you quickly make a doctor’s appointment in Paris with a variety of different kinds of specialists and doctors.


TransParis: Paris transports

This free app gives real time schedules of public transportation in Paris including the Metro, Tranways, Buses, and more. Great info – but sometimes the searches don’t lead to anything – also you can’t search by stop, only by line.


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