My Fav Apps of 2010

Dec 15, 2010

Which, to be fair, is actually my favorite apps of all time since I got my Droid in Jan 2010!


This is a recent acquisition of mine, but I’m never going back–it just makes my Motorola Droid run much better, and is way more intuitive and customizable. Beyond that, the Plus version has some really fabulous widgets, which you can even manually resize.


Beautiful Widgets Pro

Everyone recommends this and everyone is right. I’m not one to shell out for apps at all, preferring to make due with free and stock apps, but this one is just wonderful. Classy and functional.


TweetDeck (Twitter, Facebook)

Though the official Twitter and Facebook apps are rapidly improving and pretty good in and of themselves, I always find myself relying on this app, especially for Twitter. It’s not just that I use the same application on my Mac computers as well as my Linux-run netbook–it just really uses the limited space of the phone screen in really good ways, to the point where it’s so intuitive to me I expect other apps to have the ‘column’ type layout, even when they don’t.


Skyfire Web Browser 4.0

Want to watch web video on your phone? Then you need this browser, plain and simple. It also has great sharing capabilities and seems to run a bit faster than the standard browser.


NewsRob Pro

This excellent rss feed reader that syncs with your Google Reader is another one of the few apps I’ve found it worth while to pay for. Newsrob free will do you just fine, but with the increased ability of the pro version to store 1000 articles offline, I really think it’s worth the money so I can have reading for my whole underground commute. We’ll see where the official Google Reader app goes, but for now I’m sticking with Newsrob.

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Star Wars Light Saber

Need I say more?


VPlayer (Old Version)

A really brilliant video player that plays everything I’ve thrown at it so far, including divx. It can be a little laggy at time, but I’ve yet to find reliable players to play some of the file types that this one does play at all.


3D Starfield LiveWallpaper

A really lovely live background of streaking stars with some interesting customizations, including the ability to adjust the speed, number, and orientation of the stars streaking by. Combined with the standard Beautiful Widget widgets, it makes for a gorgeous combo.


Evernote – stay organized.

Dead useful– use it to remember and record anything and everything, syncing across platforms.



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