This week’s batch of top new Android apps is led by My Disney Experience. This is a great app for visitors to Walt Disney World, not only offering maps of theme parks and attractions, but a whole lot more. We’ve also got four other great apps covering food nutrition, technology news, a popular TV show and shopping. Here are this week’s best Android apps.

My Disney Experience – WDW (Free)

If My Disney Experience merely offered maps to the Walt Disney World parks and resorts, it would still be sufficient. But what caught our eye this week was how much more it packs in. The app also provides wait time for rides and attractions, plus dining availability alongside official information about Walt Disney World including entertainment and activities. The term “must-have” app is probably used too frequently, but this one does seem invaluable for any Android owner visiting Orlando anytime soon.


Food labelling has improved over the years, and now we get to see everything that goes into the stuff we buy plus its basic nutritive value. But there are often ingredients with peculiar names that we just have no idea about, and that’s where INRFOOD comes in. Like the popular the Fooducate app, simply scan an item’s barcode and the app spits out color-coded ingredients highlighted in red (avoid), yellow (moderate/cut back), and green (safe/may be nutritious) taken from its database of over 250,000 food products. It’s a clever way to decide if something’s worth buying or eating.

TechCrunch (Free)

This tablet-optimized version of the popular tech industry news website got off to a somewhat rocky start with complaints of force-close issues on launch. But a quickly-issued update took care of that, and the app is worth another look. It lets you browse the latest headlines and read stories, and it’s also fully integrated with CrunchBase (a database of startups, investors and entrepreneurs). You can see what’s hot in the tech world, view the latest tweets, and it’s all wrapped up in a custom-designed tablet interface.

Sons of Anarchy (Free)

The accompanying app to the critically-acclaimed TV series Sons of Anarchy just got a refresh in time for its fifth season premiere the other night. It’s an immersive, interactive experience offering unique content exploration, the ability to shop for gear from the show, and a new featured called “Perspective” – a feature rich, virtual view of the SOA clubhouse. The app promises new content as the season progresses and also offers alternate scenes, exclusive trivia and production stills.

eBay update (Free)

The old eBay app was looking a little long in the tooth, so it’s good to see it getting a well-deserved refresh. This version 2.0 offers a new user-interface more in tune with Android’s Holo design standards so it looks a bit crisper and cleaner. Much of its functionality remains the same, but if you’re in the U.S., the app now offers access to eBay Motors so it’s easy to shop for vehicles, parts and accessories. There is also better list access, sellers can add up to 12 photos when listing an item with the app, and it’s now easier to view an item’s bidding history. eBay is even redesigning their logo!