Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is an endless runner with a brainy twist. Because the strength of zombies lies in numbers, instead of a single character, you have to navigate a horde of living dead scampering through different obstacles including bombs, cars, and chasms. The size of your merry band of cadavers depends on how many poor souls you bite while you’re rampaging through the realm of walking meals, though the obstacles mentioned above guarantee that you lose just as many zombies as you win along the way. The more zombies you have in your tsunami, the easier it is to make it even bigger and turn over vehicles, and even tanks, to devour the trembling survivors hiding inside them. Zombie Tsunami boasts more than 300 flesh-eating missions, 10 power-ups, and 11 worldwide locations.

Zombies, Run!

Talking of running: if you’re already training for the unavoidable zombie apocalypse, and are in need of some relevant motivation, Zombies, Run! and you is a match made in zombie heaven. In this ingenious running game-audio adventure-combo, you become Runner 5, one of humanity’s last hopes, who has to run not only for their own life, but also for the lives of others. The fate of hundreds of survivors depend on your stamina and nimble feet: during your missions, you have to collect vital supplies (which are instrumental in building your post-apocalyptic community) while avoiding flocks of zombies salivating at the sight of your muscular calves, and there’s also a deeper mystery lurking in the shadows that’s waiting for you to uncover. Zombies, Run! works at every speed, so whether you’re jogging, walking, full-on sprinting, or doing the daily cardio on the treadmill, the immersive audio drama will put you right into the heart of the healthiest zombie adventure ever created.

Age of Zombies

Starring the legendary Barry Steakfries, the gramophone salesman turned gun-slinging commando, Halfbrick’s Age of Zombies is a time-travelling zombie rampage unlike any you’ve seen before. Your mission is simple: with the gentle assistance of weapons, explosives, and a Zombie T-Rex, you have to wipe out the zombie hordes sent by the evil Professor Brains in six time periods of human history while Barry delivers timeless one-liners that would make prime Arnold Schwarzenegger blush. To ensure that you can take on your friends in a challenge of zombie butchering, Age of Zombies features survival and arcade modes.

Zombie Gunship

In Zombie Gunship, you find yourself aboard an AC-130, a heavily-armed ground attack aircraft, operating the plane’s deadly, undead-piercing cannons and machine guns in 3D night vision. Based on all that information, it’s easy to conclude what the goal is: provide aerial support for zombie apocalypse survivors by gunning down the monsters chasing after their braaaaaaains. For each zombie you kill, you collect a bounty that you can use to upgrade your weapons and turn the AC-130 into a flying death machine that will rid the Earth of the flesh-eating undead.

Into the Dead

Into the Dead is a first-person survival game throwing you into a grim parallel universe overrun by zombies, fear, and despair. The high-quality sounds combined with the terrifyingly realistic visuals add up to a heart-throbbing gameplay experience, which you can enjoy in a variety of modes. Run for your life in the pitch black woods holding nothing but a flashlight, complete a wide range of zombie-killing missions, and, most importantly, don’t get eaten. To avoid becoming undead delicacy, collect canine companions and unlock useful perks and weapons as you move along on your quest for survival.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants against zombies sure seems like an odd matchup, but to create something extraordinary, you have to think outside the box of clichés. With more than 100 million overall downloads and over 30 Game of the Year awards, Plants vs. Zombies can rightfully be filed under extraordinary. The sequel easily lives up to the lofty standards set by its world-renowned predecessor, bringing you the same highly addictive and immensely entertaining experience, highlighted by epic battles between your carefully constructed army of plants and relentless legions of zombies craving for your most prized possession – your brain. Plants vs. Zombies 2 takes it up a notch by rolling out dozens of new plants and zombies, gigantic Zombosses armed with evil devices at the end of each world, ultra-challenging bonus levels, and a mini-game called Vasebreaker, in which you have to defend against endless waves of anti-plant brain-eaters.

Stupid Zombies

With your limited ammo your goal is to shoot true and in most cases ricochet your bullet off any usable surface to kill as many zombies as possible. In the later levels of Stupid Zombies you get even more neat ammo to add to your collection – Straight bullets, buckshot, splitshot, and grenades! This is more of a puzzle game than a first-person shooter, so there’s a different type of strategy required. Use your smarts to take down zombies on multiple platforms, sending barrels down ramps, opening gates and overcoming obstacles of all kinds. It’s a cute game for players of most ages, and is a bit of a brain teaser as well.