Must Have Games for Sports Fans

Jul 8, 2011

When my muscles are tired and my thumbs aren’t, I’ll sit down and open one of these apps up because I love sports, I’m just not always up to actually play them.

Par 3 Golf II Lite

Golf is one of my favorite sports to play and since the computer is so hard to beat in this awesome game, it’s actually driven me to hit the actual course more often and improve both my virtual and physical game



I used to play bocce ball tons when I was young and now that I have it on my phone, nearly every time I pass by it looking to play a game, I’ll open it and reminisce while I play.


Pool Billiards Pro

Instead of going out to a pool hall and trying to improve my game with my friends, who were once all better than me, I decided to play this game a little too often if I may say so and ever since then my real game has improved.


Glow Hockey

This fun little game takes me back to my youth when table hockey was popular at the arcade and we would have giant competitions to see who would be champion of the arcade, which, looking back was silly, but extremely entertaining


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