Must Have Apps for Social Networking Junkies

Jun 27, 2011

I know I’ve had moments where I’ve thought about a time that seems not so far off, that talking to friends in person is becoming obsolete, and soon no one will ever take their eyes off of their computer or social networking device. These Apps will help that day come even sooner.


Facebook is nice because you can stay in touch with people without seeing their faces. Unless you want to, in which case it’s awesome since people access it so often that it’s common to be online at the same time as a bunch of your friends. This app alerts also you whenever something happens so you’re not seeing an important message hours after it gets sent.



This App is perfect for most social network users because you’re able to chat directly with your Facebook and Google Talk friends, and update your status for Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Lifestream in just one click.



I love being able to bump my droid with another device with the same capabilities so we can share apps, contacts and more



This app is great since now I have no need of a computer when I want to tweet something that’s on my mind


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