Watch trailers. Read synopses and reviews. Find out when you can get tickets at your local theaters (and then buy them). It’s all here, and it’s all extremely easy to find and navigate. On the larger screens of tablets, Flixster provides navigation options in a frame on the left side with content filling the larger chunk of the screen to the right. It works beautifully.

Flixster packs so much functionality and content into its app that it’s a wonder it is free. You can find out how well or badly a movie is rated thanks to a tie-in with Rotten Tomatoes, and you can even pick your favorite movies and leave reviews of your own.

Use the upcoming tab to access the latest film releases or the DVD tab to view the latest releases for home viewing. The app has more than 15,000 movie trailers to watch and 65,000 DVDs to peruse for possible rental via Netflix. And, log into your Netflix account to sync and manage your movie queue right from this app.

Click on a movie selection to view reviews, play trailers, get general movie info, and even add your own rating. Entering your own rating of a movie is beneficial when you log into your Facebook account using the movie app. This function allows your Facebook friends to see your ratings, and, in return, you can see their ratings. You also can save a list of movies you want to see.

This marvelous movie app has a lot of function for the price tag of free. The only thing it’s missing is the popcorn.

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