MotoTorch LED a lifesaver, and it’s fun

Oct 11, 2010

If you’re like me, you take your Android phone with you wherever you go.  Beyond the dozens of uses I’ve found for my trusty companion, MotoTorch LED has added one more: flashlight.And no, I’m not talking about those other flashlight apps that fire up your phone’s entire screen to be used as a light in the darkness. That would be too easy.

MotoTorch employs the LED used as your device’s flash module. In my tests (which I don’t recommend to anyone) putting the flash LED near my face to test it, I was nearly blinded. Talk about bright, that little LED is intense. Much brighter than your screen.

Upon launching the app, you’ll be warned that no testing has been done to determine what effect the program might have on your phone. Will it burn out your LED over time? There’s no way to be sure, but I’m guessing if we use it every once in a while, we’ll be fine.

Just offering an LED-powered flashlight would be more than enough to give this app 5 stars. But add a strobe light feature and a Morse code tool, and you’ve got yourself some serious fun and utility.

The next time you’re at a concert venue or a rave party, forget flicking your Bic or using your phone’s screen to get into the mix. Start a strobe, and dance the night away!

Plus, boaters and military types might find some serious usage for the Morse code function. Input a word or sentence, then toggle “run continuously” to keep the message transmitting over time. Attach it high on your stranded car, listing boat or any other location when you’re in trouble, and this app might save your life.

A must-have app for every Droid owner. Use it. Love it.

MotoTorch LED
MotoTorch LED
Developer: Ryan Alford
Price: Free
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