The Motor Trend app is not only a must-have kind of download for all car enthusiasts, but it’s also a useful app for the everyday consumer.

It basically works as a mobile version of Motor Trend’s website, which includes coverage of the world’s biggest auto shows, daily news updates, and road tests of the newest and flashiest cars. It also includes reviews, photos and videos of cars that are currently on the market. For those that are always two steps ahead in terms of technology, the Motor Trend app also has also information available about concept cars and vehicles that are still in the planning stages.

Motor Trend also has a buyer’s guide included with the app, which is something that anyone interested in buying a new or used car should consult before heading to the car dealership. The app also narrows down your choices by helping you figure out what kind of designs you like and what you can afford. You can click on different vehicle models to look at prices, current rebates and incentives and safety information.

Click on the features section and you can read stories that appeal to everyone. These aren’t stories about the mechanics or technical design, which ordinary consumers probably don’t care to read about. These stories are more about the kind of cars that celebrities drive, holiday gift-giving ideas, and the pros and cons of similar looking cars. These articles are actually pretty interesting and useful.

While Motor Trend’s website isn’t anything special to look at, its app is actually quite clever by comparison. When you launch it, the main menu looks like the dashboard on a car. It isn’t difficult to figure out where you’re going. Click on any of the options “Wide Open Throttle”, “Road Tests”, “Photos”, etc, and you’ll be brought to a scrollable interface. These scrollable screens have a ton of information on them, but they don’t feel cluttered at all.

I have one complaint here, however. While the app’s photos are very vibrant and seem to be organized effectively, I’m disappointed that they don’t become larger when you click on them. Another thing, and maybe I’m being a bit nitpicky, is that the app didn’t have its own media player and so I was booted to either the browser or YouTube to watch a video.

There’s a lot of information available on this app, so I think users would benefit from a search function, also.