For instance, my significant other and I have a little competition each week to see who can spend the least on lunch. With this app, I created a “recent transactions” folder right on the home screen of my phone, and can easily keep an eye on the money he spends from our shared account. You might call it cheating, I call it “winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

You can also enable global search access, which allows you to search financial transactions from anywhere on your phone. Not quite sure why I want this, but I like having my options open.If security is an issue for you, you will be happy to know the app allows you to program a code for entry. And, you can deactivate your phone’s account online if your device is lost or stolen.

When it comes to apps that help you manage your money, Your spending by category is illustrated with a colorful pie-chart and things that need to be brought to your attention are clearly highlighted. Swiping the screen takes you to another section which breaks down your spending over time. If you’ve been trying to curb your expenses or cut down your costs, the bar graph here is a handy way of displaying this.

Delve deeper and you’ll discover your recent transactions broken down clearly, right down to a map on the right side of the screen which shows the exact location where you bought something. Once again, the large tablet screen means all this info is displayed more clearly than ever.

Overall, this app is a functional way to monitor from multiple institutions. You can incorporate your checking, savings, credit cards and loans in this app versus downloading individual apps from each company. And, truth be told people, I’ll try anything that will help me in my quest to save money without charging me money to do it. is one of those apps that depends on how much time and effort the user is willing to put in. It’s easy to set up, but you do need to provide it with all kinds of personal financial information to truly make it shine. With tax season approaching rapidly and W2s being mailed out at a frenetic pace, Intuit chose a great time to extend the app’s functionality, and many Android tablet users should find it a convenient way to track spending and help them budget in this lean financial times.

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