In its latest installment, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is a gluttonous game of gore, and Gameloft’s newest first-person shooter is also prepped for Android phones and tablets. Gameloft also launched NFL Pro 2012, a sports fantasy for fans as we head into the new year. The Oregon Trail: Settler also hit the Android Market, bringing a modern spin on one of the earliest “educational” computer games. Anomaly: Warzone Earth made its way to a number of Android devices, with a unique tower “offense” game, making the leap from PC to mobile.

Write your own fantasy story with Enchanted Realm, battling evil as you expand your kingdom. This magical place has happy citizens with you as their wise king, but you must protect them from the wicked witch Morgana. There’s a handful of characters to both help and hinder you in your quest, all with a wintry theme that mirrors our own snowy status this time of year. To keep your kingdom, you must expand with residential and service buildings, as well as grow plants for harvest. Tax your residents, stock up on gold and energy and use your collections to help carry out your objectives. What makes Enchanted Realm a bit different from other kingdom builders is the complex story line, which determines the majority of your game objectives as you play.