Quickbooks: works on all type of devices

Of course there are quite good accounting software for desktop computers, and, if one knows the market well, it is not difficult to set up an own system either. However, DIY methods won’t solve a couple of problems, especially the difficulties of keeping track of the expenses in a handy, comfortable and quick way.

What I find especially great in Quickbooks, that it is a cloud-based accounting application, which works well on mobile devices as well. This means that one can immediately record the incomes and expenses, check the inventory, and – to the top of all – email a representatively-looking invoice too. Forget hand-written invoices, lost stamps, rumpled papers. Do your business quickly, accurately, online.

Wave – that’s what every beginners need

If one is at the beginning of grounding a business, the most important is to get simple and cost efficient tools to do what is obligatory. In the competition of small-business accounting software, Wave would certainly win a price.

Wave is a free tool for businesses with maximum 9 employees to do invoicing, make payrolls and follow all the expenses. It is a very straightforward accounting app with a clear user interface. It is ideal for freelancers and those who cannot afford to hire an accountant, but want to keep track on the expenses.

BookKeeper – think small, take it easy

BookKeeper is a nice tool for those who think big, but do not want to lose time on accounting. This application does not require too much knowledge off accounting, able to do everything that is needed, and, to the top of all, it is easy to add new companies to the existing account as well. This feature makes it easy to manage several businesses with one single piece of software.

A good thing is, that this software does not require online connection: it works offline, then syncs when it is connected to the web.

And what is one wishes to learn?

Most of the accounting apps require only the understanding of the basics and can be managed even without a business qualification. However, keeping up-to-date and managing the financials do require some basics skills and knowledge to be used in the right way.

Fortunately, applications provide several creative ways to get at least a clue about the grounds. Basic Accounting from Marshall Infocorp, for example offers a great body of materials to learn. It is a book and an application at the same time: a navigable, easy-to-use handbook of all the most important facts about accounting.

Accounting Dictionary is also a good example of its kind – it is one of the must-have dictionary applications, providing a first aid when difficult-to-understand phrases come up. It is  very good to have such a help in hand, for example when signing a contact or talking to a partners’ accountants.

Learn Accounting Flashcards  offers one of the most complex method when it comes to learning the management of finances. Lessons, cards and audio downloads help to learn the chapters of accounting faster and more effectively. This application enables the user to earn anywhere – it is practical when there is a need to be waiting at the airport, it is a nice mate during long train trips, but is also a good idea to spend time on a studying during the day – with this practical aid, one can learn a whole new chapter during a lunch break.

Accounting apps for Android are good to have for anyone who is involved in the business world. Even when there is no need for doing the finances literally, these software may provide a good and real-time overview on the expenses and incomes, and this is, on the long run, might have a positive effect on the profitability of the company.