Mmmm… Android apps in the kitchen

Sep 30, 2010

My kitchen skills used to be limited to pasta and anything microwavable, so I picked up these apps for a little help. They’re great for ideas AND a little technical help with temperatures, conversions, and general knowledge. Put on your Android apron (yes, read below for more on THAT) and get in the kitchen!

Epicurious Recipe App

This is where I get started. Epicurious was always one of my go-to websites for cooking ideas, and the mobile app doesn’t disappoint. It even has grocery lists along with the recipes, so you can be sure you’ve got it all at home before you fire up the stove.


Cooking Conversions

What if that recipe gives you ounces and you only have teaspoons? What do the Celsius temperatures in the French cookbook mean? This little app gets you the answers.


Meat Cooking Reference

This handy app gives you cooking times and temps for different cuts of meat, including how to prepare them different ways – broiled, roasted, medium rare, and several other options. And it has an button to click and buy an Android apron – nice touch!


Grill Guide

And who doesn’t break out the grill in the fall? Use this app to guide you through the best way to grill meat and veggies, with step by step instructions on prep and flame time.


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