Let’s admit the truth — smartphones are all starting to look alike. I’m not talking about just Android-based phones, I mean all of them, across all makes and models. The slide-to-unlock screen, started by the original iPhone, is one of the many similar elements across phones. And it’s this lock screen that MiLocker makes magic with for Android devices. If you want to personalize your phone in a way that makes people say, “wow” as you set it on a table, this is your app.

MiLocker delivers a huge gallery of unlock screens for you to browse. Designers probably spend crazy amounts of time creating these beautiful and clever screens. You’ll find abstract art, sci-fi metallic looks and cute images like a bear riding a bicycle. There’s an unlock screen to fit every mood, and because they’re all free, you don’t need to limit yourself, and can switch as often as you like.

The unlock maneuver varies as much as the wallpaper background. You can choose a screen that uses the traditional horizontal slide, or pick a vertical slide or animated touch maneuver. My favorites are the zipper images that you pull down with your finger to reveal an image underneath. My only complaint is that you almost need instructions to figure out how to unlock some of the designs.

Don’t hesitate to give this great customization tool a try.