Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, recently renamed Millionaire, was an extremely popular show for a few years and also let the world in on a little secret..some people are really stupid under pressure.

The game is setup in a high-stakes trivial pursuit fashion where the contestant needs to answer a series of multiple choice questions to win money. Well now the game has been released for Android phones so there has never been better a time to show the world, or your friends at least, how smart you really are. The app walks you through the questions with the ominous music playing the background reminding you that this is serious stuff.

Overall, the questions weren’t too bad with many of them being awkwardly related to pop culture instead of random trivia. The feel of the game was good although a game like this is set up to pull at your emotions and get that adrenaline running and it’s hard to get into it when you don’t have a host jamming “Is that your final answer?” down your throat. The app played smoothly and had everything you would expect from a Millionaire game including the original music, the lifelines, and more. If you enjoy this tv show, this may just be an app that lets you prove you actually were smarter than that guy who failed on question one. Check it out.

[appbox googleplay boyansoft.bogmix.eng.millionaire]