As our mobile phones become an extension of our personal lives, it’s only natural that we use them to share and view photos. While Android’s own gallery does a fine job, Sony’s One minor annoyance with Million Moments are three mandatory albums that you can’t remove or hide. One album links to the Million Moments blog and two are basically tutorials. While I’m not much of a stickler for design, it throws the presentation off. I wish Sony added the option to remove the extra weight.

Tablet owners are also in for a major disappointment. Instead of taking full advantage of the real estate, you are treated to a blown-up phone version. Prepare to find your photos pixelated, blown-up and just plain ugly.

In comparison to competitors, Million Moments falls short on the feature side. Like I stated above, there’s no way to automatically monitor assigned folders for new photos. Facebook is a welcome addition, but Dropbox users, Picasa and a host of other online services are notably absent. Personal videos also are also ignored by the app.

As it stands, Million Moments is on the verge of greatness. With a couple of more updates, addition of basic functions and a tune up, it could easily be the only gallery you need.