Spearheaded by former Google employees, this tool allows seamless connection between the two devices and provides a convenient way to respond to messages without ever leaving your chair. Finally, after months of flying under the beta banner, Mighty Text is ready for prime time.

Setting up the connection is fairly easy and after about five minutes, I hit the ground running. The market description boasts a less-than 60 seconds installation, but in reality, it’s a bit more hands-on than that. You’ll have to download the app itself. Strangely, it appears in Google Play as “SMS Text Messaging ↔PC Texting,” though it uses the Mighty Text name in both mobile and web apps. Likely a guerilla tactic to receive more views.

Depending on your browser of choice, you’ll need to install the Chrome extension and the Firefox add-on. There’s also a second optional browser add-on that notifies you of incoming calls and texts. More on that later.

Once you have satisfied all prerequisites just boot up the app and sign-in to your Google account. This might turn off users who are wary of granting access to account information, but it is required to sync. To actually view your text message, you need to head over to the web app. The web app is a no-frills messaging system and is presented with a dual-pane UI, one side for your message and another for your contacts. The easy-to-use page also syncs your contacts’ photos.

The second part of the browser add-on is the notification system. The extension alerts you to incoming text and phone calls, even if your Android device isn’t in the same room. The small pop-ups are not intrusive and pretty helpful. There’s also an option to let you choose which corner of the screen you’d like for them to appear. Unfortunately, multiple notifications can become unmanageable because the pop-ups will stack on top of each other and crowd the screen. You’ll actually have to manually close them one-by-one as there is no option to dismiss all of them at once. It would be helpful if there was some way to respond directly to the pop-ups, as they only redirect to the web application.

I’ve used the app extensively since beta, and while I would recommend the tool, there are a few other notable hiccups. The app tends to repeat incoming texts. Not just one either, at times I would receive the same text from recipients three to four times. Also, MMS either appear or would just instruct me to view the attachment on my phone. This defeats the purpose of downloading the app in the first place.

Despite its minor annoyances, the Mighty Text service is a reliable tool. With a few more polished updates, it can reach its full potential. For those looking to tether both PC and mobile messaging, Mighty Text is worth a look.

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