Success in Middle School (and earlier) math courses often determines the level a student is placed in High School. There’s no real way to sugar coat that it’s an important subject with equally important sub-subjects, like Geometry, Algebra, and more. Here are five high quality educational apps that help students practice mathematics.

DragonBox Algebra 12+ ($9.99)

Through 357 challenges in 20 chapters, students are guided through the concepts of parentheses, balancing, positive/negative, factorization, substitution, and much more. Users are given instant feedback on their successes and should they fail must repeat the activity to gain a pass before advancing to the next level. This app is must-have app for beginning algebra students, as it features high quality color, illustrations, and relevant content.  It’s not a surprise that DragonBox Algebra was awarded ‘Best of Show’ at the 2012 ‘International Serious Play Awards’.

Algebra Course Assistant ($1.99)

The Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant Android app is absolutely ideal for algebra courses. In a curated version of the Wolfram Alpha search tool, users are guided through how to solve, evaluate, and plot different items. This is not a tutorial-based system, but the app delivers the assistance where and when it is needed. Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant covers Algebra I, Algebra II, and College Algebra. With evaluation, substitution, simplifying, solving, plotting, expanding, and factoring of functions up to polar and parametric, all tools a student will need are available. The clean interface makes it easy to find the help a student requires and the walkthrough nature of solutions is welcome.

King of Math (Free)

With instant feedback and a graduated increase in the challenge of problems, there is plenty of content to keep the user engaged with Troubi Entertainment’s King of Math. Beginning at basic arithmetic, kids must solve questions and score points to open up further chapters. Mental calculation skills are really important for success at higher level courses, and this app offers lots of practice. Initially kids have access to addition and subtraction, and by scoring points through correct answers, eventually unlock more chapters of multiplication, fractions, GCD & LCM, equations, and statistics. Each question is of multiple choice format, but the questions are truly challenging.

Geometry Pad (Free)

Geometry Pad is the most complete geometry exploration tool found on Android. Similar to popular computer-based geometry tools, this app goes one step further by harnessing the technology of the touch interface to incorporate kinesthetic learning. The app offers students the ability to create a vast variety of geometric objects in an intuitive interface, making it easy for users to erase mistakes and start again. From circles to quadrilaterals, angles to arcs, and ellipses to line segments, the app has all middle school geometry content well covered. The measurement and transformation tools allow students to investigate the effects of different actions on 2-D shapes.

MyScript Calculator (Free)

MyScript Calculator’s interface relies upon touch script and handwriting recognition that replicates how a student would construct a problem in their notebooks. This app forces students to think about order of operations and correct construction of expressions. Through the use of parentheses and exponents, advanced calculations can be constructed and solved in real time. In addition to the standard operations, the calculator can handle: 1/x, %, √, x!, |x|, exponents, cos, sin, tan, acos, asin, atan, ln, log, π, ℯ, and Phi.