It’s a tough call to make, seeing as Windows Phone 7 has yet to launch, and Android’s mobile operating system has already taken a lead over Windows Mobile, according to a recent comScore report.  Yet Microsoft is planning an infiltration attack similar to Android’s, leveraging its existing software and applications in order to tap into its large user base.  Microsoft recently updated its ad network SDK to attract more deeply integrated, targeted ads, while the company’s business approach also aims to regain market share from Apple.

Google beefs up Android security vulnerabilities

One area Microsoft will also want to beef up is mobile security, which is something Google’s Android has had problems with since launch.  Google is taking measures to reduce the instances of malware via apps on its open Android Market, having changed its authentication process for accessing Google Apps on Android and BlackBerry devices. There’s now a two-step verification feature for Google Apps, instituting an additional roadblock for online sign-in.  This extra safety measure also means your phone apps will work more like web apps, validating their mobilization.

New Android app for Pittsburgh Steelers fans

With football season under way, it’s important to keep track of your favorite teams.  YinzCam has launched another Pittsburgh sports app, bringing Steelers updates, scores and stats directly to your phone.  Steelers Gameday Plus, which costs $1.99, offers in-depth charts, on-demand video clips, and social networking integration to keep you on your game.