MicDroid is a recording app that applies an auto-tune effect to whatever you say or sing into the phone on playback. Push the red “Record” button when you want to start and again when you want to end a recording. Your Droid will turn the recording into a WAV file, which can then be set as a ringtone, be played for friends, or sent out in an email.

What’s kind of neat about this app is that you can tweak your recordings by adjusting the key, pitch and level of correction applied to your voice. However, as a person who hasn’t spent a lot of time goofing around audio editing, I admit that I had some trouble navigating my way through this part of the software. Since the app didn’t have any kind of special instructions, these adjustments were a lot of guess and check for me.

I don’t think this app is quite as good at the I Am T-Pain app on iPhone because it doesn’t offer live effects, the dramatic changes made to your voice while recording is going on. I think this would make for a much more silly, social experience that could be shared with friends in the moment, similar to how the Photobooth app on Macbooks tends to make everyone involved laugh until their stomachs hurt.

Another downside to this app is the fact that it tends to fail fairly frequently. Usually, I wouldn’t even discover that a recording would fail, just does not pick up sound at all, until after I tried to replay it. I found it to be very frustrating.

A minor issue I have with this app, and some might disagree with me on this one, is that I really don’t like its name. Not only is MicDroid easily forgettable, but I don’t think its title does a very good job summing up what this app does.

While MicDroid’s sound quality is pretty decent, its overall design certainly leave something to be desired. Its interface is very plain and dull, not at all sending the message of how fun this app can be.

MicDroid has some room for improvement, but if you’ve always dreamed of sounding exactly like the artists while singing about being in a boat or believing in love, this app will suffice.