MEL chemistry is not a single application. It is an interactive e-learning system, which guides the family through the secret forest of chemistry. If you subscribe to the service, you are going to be provided with a starter kit with some cool staff delivered directly to your home.

The starter kit contains the bedrocks of a little laboratory: reagents, plastic cups, tubes, syringes, solid fuel stove and safety glasses. Moreover, there is a smartphone stand and a cool VR cardboard glass.

Once you subscribed, you are going to get 2 kits for experiments each month. These are simple, safe but very visual ones, followed by a plenty of useful info in the box. The app, a manual and some video messages are going to guide you through the world of molecules in the funniest, most interesting, most colorful way you can imagine.

One of the most impressive features of MEL Chemistry is perhaps the VR google, which plays a very important role in teaching kids how to research and get to know things. The VR googles are able to visualize the molecules on a nice 3D model. It is possible to zoom in and out the structures and rotate them to see the whole complexity of the structures.

MEL Chemistry is a very well redefined version of those good old “my little laboratory” game sets. Thanks to the regular shipments of new and new experiment with a detailed guide, it is impossible to get bored with it. VR glass and the smartphone app with hundreds of molecules provide a lot of fun apart from the particular experiments. The tools are easy and safe to use, and, since the great fun is provided, even younger kids can enjoy learning complex information. The application is regularly updated, and new molecules are uploaded even on demand.

MEL chemistry starts its sets from the beginning of the school year. Every subscribed user gets the same packages at the same time. However, the experiments are looped, so do not hesitate to subscribe for the next month.

This is hard to speak about the disadvantage of the program, but fortunately, there is not many. The only thing I can mention is that the reagents included in the kits are enough to repeat the experiment only twice. Assuming that young users might waste chemicals despite of their best intentions, it would be nice to have a bigger pack or organize a possibility to order some extra of them.

Mel Chemistry is a good choice for anyone who would like to give an active learning experience for their kids. However, it is good to keep in mind, that it is typically a kind of toy which requires a constant parental supervision. Mel Chemistry is not something which you can give the little ones to keep them in peace till during the match. However, it can keep the family together and makes the time spent together a valuable, memorable period.

I strongly recommend Mel Chemistry for those who would like to give a nice surprise for the kid and the MEL Chemistry app is an important part of their virtual education service. It is recommended for the parents to get on well with chemistry, but a mid-school level is perfectly enough. When used together, it is a highly motivating and active type of learning material.