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Feb 17, 2011

If you actually used any of these apps you would find that my list title is not correct in any way. I studied German from ages 6-13 and ages 17-20. I still can’t speak it, the grammar is near impossible for me to wrap my mind around. However – with the help of these apps I can at least communicate with actual German-speaking adults.

German Translator

Great free app that translates sentences and words from English to German or German to English. It reads it out loud for pronunciation and you can send the translation by email or SMS. Great app – works well, does what it says.


AG German Newspapers FREE

This app has more of the German newspapers than other language apps have of their newspapers. Paid version just takes out the ads.


SlideIT German QWERTZ Pack

This is the German Language Pack Plugin for the SlideIT Keyboard. It is okay, but there is no QWERTY option and the program automatically spaces and capitalizes words as though they are English – whereas German is full of compound words.


Collins German Dictionary

This is a fully functional trial version of the Collins German Dictionary. Works great, has more than 80,000 translations. I like it because it covers slang and colloquial speech as well as traditional German.


German Verbs

I always like to have a verb guide with conjugations of verbs when learning a language – this one is super. It’s free, it works offline, and has no ads, plus it’ll speak out loud ot you for pronunciation. Recommend.


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