Video rules here just as you might expect from a television show. You’ll find clips from interviews on the Sunday morning show, segments that were videoed with guests but were not aired on TV, and teasers for the guests who will appear in the coming weekend. It’s a fascinating peek behind the curtain for fans, particularly the clips showing the host and guests after the show has wrapped. All the video playback was smooth and hiccup free on my Nexus One.

Want to get even closer to the action? The app provides access to the MTP Twitter feed. You’ll find info about breaking political news and a regular trivia contest where correct answers might win you a MTP mug.

A section called “This Sunday” lists the guests for the next show and describes the general political situation the guests face and potential questions they will be asked. You’ll also find sections of the app that mirror segments of the show like “Roundtable” and “Take Two.”

Finally, for those that want to engage, you can send MTP a message directly from the app. All in all, Meet The Press is a great show and a good app. Check it out.