1. Tell us about yourself – where you live, your job, things you like to do.

I’m a Taurus, I enjoy long walks on the beach, prefer non-smokers, and you must be OK sharing the bed with my Droid.

Ok, seriously… I live in northern NJ, just minutes from NYC. I’m a husband, a proud Dad and am “owned” by three Rhodesian Ridgebacks named Bentley, Ghengis, and Lady Rola. During the day, I passionately find people jobs with a boutique executive search firm called Source Associates, LLC. I work with some really cool dudes who are equally dedicated to helping people find employment. Our candidates are usually high level accounting and finance folks such as controllers and CFO’s, but our breadth goes beyond those areas and into HR and IT placements. Our firm really tries to make a difference in people’s lives and we have a reputation for building strong, long, lasting relationships with our clients and candidates.

I am absolutely OBSESSED with apps, technology, social media, the Internet and what these things can do to enrich our lives. I’m also a kid at heart, and collect Happy Meal toys and am on a quest to find stores that sell “Kinder Eggs”, delicious European chocolate eggs that have unique, tiny toy prizes inside them. Since they’ve recently been banned in the US (due to the small toy pieces), it’s hard to find them. If you look at my desk, it’s cluttered with all kinds of toy collectibles.

2. Which Android device or devices do you own? Why did you choose Android? How do you customize your device?

I currently own a Droid Charge 4G LTE (Verizon) after surrendering my Motorola D2 to my wife. I like my Charge but the D2 had more RAM, and even though the Charge is 4G, I find the D2 to be much more robust and faster. I also have a NookColor with Android but the apps are limited, and Barnes and Noble charges for apps that are typically free in the Droid Marketplace. I’ve noticed that B&N is rolling out more apps, but there are still costs to download the majority of them.

I chose Android organically and by default. I had an early upgrade with my carrier and the options at the time were limited. I opted for a Droid Eris (which I quickly returned due to the lack of speed) since my carrier didn’t offer the iPhone at the time. I’m so happy that they didn’t offer the iPhone, because I don’t think I’d ever leave the Droid community at this point. I went to the D2 and now the Charge.

I customize my Droid for ease of use and make sure that I have the ability to get to the apps I use the most, quickly and without too many touches. I love that I can settle all of my useful apps on the 7 home screens that are accessible with a swipe. I have my “Priority Apps” on my main home screen (TD Bank, Keeper, Facebook, Jorte, LinkedIn, browser, Springpad, Gmail, camera & photo gallery etc.). The others are dedicated by category. business apps, news apps, games, contact rolodex, favorite callers and oh… more games.

My NookColor isn’t as app-friendly since it’s primarily an eReader but I also organize the apps in a similar fashion (on one page) in order of importance and most commonly used.

3. Do you root or not? If you root, why?

Frankly, I always thought rooting was a bad thing and that it was similar to hacking. I respect developer’s rights and don’t want to infringe on that. I hope I’m wrong because it sounds like fun and I’d love to get more technical and look under the hood a bit more.

4. Is there a particular category of apps that interests you the most?

Oh boy, that’s a tough question. I’d have to say that productivity and business apps are essential to my daily routine. I’m an avid LinkedIn user and love that app. My Jorte app is awesome as the calendar syncs with my Google calendar so I don’t miss an appointment or an event. I use Keeper for all my passwords (upgraded to premium with Callpod online) and can’t live without KeyRing for all of my discount and rewards cards that I scanned in via Barcode Scanner. I have to also admit I’m a huge gamer and have fun playing Paper Toss, FaceFighter Lite, Let’s Golf 2, Quarters and Beer Pong. My high school buddy helped develop Quarters and Beer Pong.  These two are a lot of fun and great time wasters when you’re waiting online at the DMV.

5. What are your top apps and why?

I’d have to say my top 5 apps are TD Bank (for obvious reasons), Springpad (I use it to jot down quotes I like, business ideas and names of new bands I want to download), Pulse (I like this news app because it brings me Fast Company and other news apps that are not main stream), WikiMobile (always good when on the road and need to get an “encyclopedic” answer), ESPN Score Center (I can customize my teams and have access to all the scores, schedules and sports news in real time) and Slacker Radio for those days at the pool. I love the music channel selection and the ability to customize my own channel and favorite tunes.

6. What apps are popular among your colleagues and friends?

I’d have to say most of my colleagues and friends use the ESPN app or similar sports apps for their sports updates. They also use more mainstream apps like Facebook, Twitter and their email apps. I honestly don’t know too many people that are as “appsessed” as me. I joined the Appolicious community as a result of that. Regardless, you’ll usually find me grabbing a friend to show him or her the cool graphics in Hungry Shark 2 or the incredibly sexy GUI of the ultimate time waster, Paper Toss.

7. Give an example of a time an app was truly useful to you.

I was driving with my daughter up the Garden State Parkway in heavy traffic. If you know anything about the NY/NJ traffic, it can be a huge problem getting anywhere on time. We were set to see a movie at a particular theater close to home. Due to the five-mile backup, it was evident we were not going to make it and my eight-year-old daughter was distraught. It was all she talked about for days. Her Friday night was ruined. Thankfully, I was able to pull up Flixster (movie app) and through its GPS capability, I was able to find a movie theater just a few exits away that was playing the same movie, and earlier to boot! Flixster saved our “Friday Night Movie Night” and also saved this Dad from a world of whining in the back seat.

7. What other AndroidApps.com member do you admire the most and why?

I really enjoy GirlGoneGeek’s reviews and we seem to have similar interests. I love her username and anyone who can make fun of themselves is way cool to me!

8. Anything else you’d like to share with the Appolicious audience?

I always recommend checking out an app online here at Appolicious for any reviews prior to downloading it. Most anyone can develop an app these days and you certainly don’t want an unwanted virus crawling through your phone and its contacts. Lookout Mobile Security app is a MUST, by the way.