1. Tell us about yourself – where you live, your job, things you like to do.

I live in the Boogie Down Bronx, and I’m a corporate event planner by day, and one of the 20SB social media managers every other hour of the day.

2. Which Android device or devices do you own? Why did you choose Android? How do you customize your device?

I own a MyTouch 4G. Honestly, at first, I chose Android because it was more economical than an iPhone, but I can’t imagine having anything else now! My phone is customized with a super hot pink case (because looks are important don’t you know) and pages categorized by type of app.

3. Do you root or not? If you root, why?

I am not a rooter. There are currently no roots for my device, so it’s not an option!

4. Is there a particular category of apps that interest you the most?

Probably social media apps. I’m constantly checking and updated Twitter and Facebook for my personal accounts and 20SB account, so the better the app, the easier it is for me!

5. What are your top 3-5 apps and why?

TweetDeck – My favorite social media channel app to manage all my shizz.

Foursquare – I love checking in! And stealing mayorships.

Google Tasks Organizer Lite – I found that the best way to keep myself organized is with Google Tasks – this app also has a great widget for a quick glance on your Android pages.

HopStop – Even though I have lived in New York all my life, I am horrible at directions. HopStop helps me on the subway every time.

Google Reader – Whenever I have time to kill and don’t have my laptop, the Reader app is great to scroll through my feeds no matter where I am.

6. What apps are popular among your colleagues and friends?

Words With Friends Free, Kindle, Angry Birds.

7. Give an example of a time an app was truly useful to you.

I get lost so easily, so I rely heavily on HopStop for Manhattan travel by subway, and Google Maps for all other times. They’ve helped me find my way countless times.

8. What other AndroidApps.com member do you admire the most and why?

I’d say Elysa. She curates some really great lists!

9. Do you have blog, Twitter, Facebook etc. URLs you’d like to share?

My blog is Perks of Being a JAP (that’s Jewish American Princess, not Japanese). And I can be found on Twitter @LaceyBean and Facebook

10. Anything else you’d like to share with the Appolicious audience?

I’ve only paid for two apps since I got my Android… always try out the free apps before you pay!