1. Tell us about yourself – where you live, your job, things you like to do.

My name is Justin, but I go by the alias Taranasus which is a made-up word more or less. I am currently a student at Birmingham City University in Birmingham, UK, studying Information and Communication Technology. I take great pride in my programming and networking skills (although I hate frame relay, that is the most over-complicated imprecise way they could have thought up to transfer information over long distances, but I guess it’s a matter of opinion). I think it would be fair to mention the fact that I’m not British, I’m Romanian. I came to Britain two years ago to study and I quite enjoy it here, life is a lot simpler.

2. Which Android device or devices do you own? Why did you choose Android? How do you customize your device?

I got my first Android device about six years ago. It was one of those Chinese tablets. But I only discovered the real power of the platform one month ago when I got my Desire HD. Brilliant phone, apart from the battery life and the camera (I would rather have a low-resolution camera that takes perfect photos than a high-resolution one with a poor quality sensor). The device is lightning fast and super resistant (having an aluminum body helps). Because I love simplicity and irony, I slapped on a Windows Phone 7 home screen (and everyone starts yelling BOOOOOO!!). Stop being hypocrites — it’s a great interface and you know it!

3. Do you root or not? If you root, why?

Oh yeah I do! Custom ROM and everything. Yes, it cost me my warranty but let’s be fair, I need to take screenshots of the phone and edit OS files and the occasional overclock. It’s risky, but then again without doing these things you just get another regular boring phone…

4. Is there a particular category of apps that interests you the most?

Yes! The useful kind! I can’t say I’m focused around one task, that’s why it’s a smartphone, it’s supposed to do everything under the sun and more. I eagerly await the day when we’ll be able to slap a VirtualBox on it and run windows in a virtual machine from your phone. Please soon please soon please soon….

5. What are your top apps and why?

This is a tough one. I’ll try and nail this one. TweetDeck is the app I use the most. It’s my communications center. Communicating with my friends is a lot easier through TweetDeck than email or SMS since it’s kind of centralized. Second place definitely goes to Gmail. My phone is the ultimate communication center and Gmail is the best email service that you can get (in my opinion at least). And the third and last important one in my arsenal is Pageonce. I have to keep track of my £££ and this is the best tool I could find in that area, and it works brilliantly.

6. What apps are popular among your colleagues and friends? Most of my friends haven’t seen the light yet, so i have no idea. Blackberry Messenger? :))

7. Give an example of a time an app was truly useful to you.

Oh my, there are tons of cases from showing customers past websites I did on the Internet to finding the best cinema around. The very best case I can think of: I was riding my bike to Coventry and back, that’s about 20 miles away, and I didn’t know the road so the GPS really came in handy (with voice guidance), although that ended up in a miserable fail since I ran out of battery coming back home. Hence why now I have two of them.

8. Do you have a blog, Twitter, Facebook etc. URL’s you’d like to share?

Of course! My blog is http://rollingprogrammer.blogspot.com/ although I haven’t posted anything in a while, and my Twitter is @taranasus.

9. Anything else you’d like to share with the Appolicious audience?

Yes! Try my app on the Android! Rate it? Share it with friends if you like it? Criticize it if you don’t (constructively please…) It’s called The Art Of Lying (by Insanity Systems) You can’t miss it. Right, that’s it for me, off to rating and reviewing more apps!