1. Tell us about yourself – where you live, your job, things you like to do.

My name is Arvid Bux. I live in the southern part of the Netherlands, close to both the German and Belgium borders. I work for HP, and outside my work, I love any kind of tech-related activity — helping friends and family with their tech questions, visiting tech fairs, gadget shopping. Next to that I love to hang out with my friends, attend parties or go to the movies.

2. Which Android device or devices do you own? Why did you choose Android? How do you customize your device?

My primary phone is the Nexus One, which I have had for more than a year. My next phone will be the HTC Sensation, so I can’t wait for it to become available. My other Android device is the Samsung Galaxy tablet, which is a great addition to the Nexus One when I want to do some stuff on a large screen such as editing documents and watching videos.

The reason I chose Android is not just that it is open, but more that it runs on several handsets. I can choose which phone I want to buy instead of just having the option of one phone and two colors.

There is no real customization I do to my phone. I normally just keep it as it is. When I feel really techie, I sometimes install a different ROM on it but then keep the default as it is. Several times I have installed new home screens or launchers, but none of them really adds that much value to the point that I want to keep them. I am a happy camper with the standard screens and such. The apps are what makes the phone for me.

3. Do you root or not? If you root, why?

My Nexus One is indeed rooted, the Galaxy tab is just standard. The reason why I root devices… well, that is actually a very good question. With the Nexus One I guess because it is that easy. Google made it an option that you can just enable. Other phones that I have owned required a bit more effort, and for them I rooted so I could enjoy the latest software versions. Now with the Nexus One, the need is no longer there as the Nexus One is on the list to receive the latest Android version quite soon.

4. Is there a particular category of apps that interests you the most?

Apps that can make my live easier and they all fall into the category: GTD.

5. What are your top apps and why?

Evernote: Just can’t live without it. It is my extended brain in the cloud. Best of all, I can also access the data from my desktop or the Galaxy tab, making it easy for me to take notes while on the road and review them when I am back in the office.

Remember the Milk: Lifesaver, several times a week. All the things I need to do, I record in RTM. I can schedule it and forget about it until I really have to do it. Also, all the data is stored in the cloud so I can access it from any device and ensure I am up to date on all the things I have to do.

WhatsApp Messenger: Free text messaging. Saves loads of money and has the added features that you would normally only find while using email. I love sharing pictures or sounds with friends and WhatsApp allows me to do that at zero cost.

Plume for Twitter: Great Twitter app that fits my way of working and thinking. Easy access to specific features, and it is really stable. Would love to see push to be enabled, but I can still live without that.

Spotify: Music on the road! For a fixed fee per month, I can listen to unlimited songs. I can store some playlists offline, so when I don’t have any data connection I can still listen to the songs. Best of all, I can access the same playlists on my desktop and on my phone, making it a breeze to set up playlists and listen to them wherever I am.

6. What apps are popular among your colleagues and friends?

That would be WhatsApp (we are Dutch, so anything that can make communication cheaper we need to have it) and I am trying to get most of my friends to start using apps like Remember The Milk and Evernote.

7. Give an example of a time an app was truly useful to you.

I store my itineraries in Evernote and use the offline function, and way too often it happens that I need to explain to the cab driver which hotel I have to go to, and I can just show him my Evernote and he knows where to go!

8. What other AndroidApps.com member do you admire the most and why?

GirlGoneGeek. She compiles really nice lists and writes some good reviews that can really help to decide whether or not to install/purchase the app

9. Do you have a blog, Twitter, Facebook etc. URL’s you’d like to share?

For sure!

Twitter: @arvid

Facebook: arvid.bux

Personal blog: www.oetzitterd.nl

For all platforms the following note applies: I write in both Dutch and English.

10. Anything else you’d like to share with the Appolicious audience?

Appolicious is a great community and I love how there are people active on both the iOS and Android sites. It shows that people can enjoy both worlds and help other people make a sound decision on which app to purchase or even which device to get next.