This week is a week of oddities and unique little gems, especially evident in the top game of the week, McPixel. It’s a very strange challenge-based point-and-click adventure game, and it’s sure to achieve near-instant cult status. We’ve also got the latest from Kairosoft, a dungeon crawler from the developers behind Ski Safari, a line-tracing spell-casting battle game, and an auto runner in which you play as the toughest old granny this side of the planet. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Ski Safari, we had some high expectations from Heroes Call, a new dungeon crawler from the same studio. This easily had the potential to be game of the week, but unfortunately, some shady freemium business practices bring it down quite a few pegs. The game looks and plays great, but the pushy in-app purchases and very tumultuous porting process have knocked it down a few pegs. It’s still easily worth checking out, especially since its free, but you might run into some issues quickly.