Finding a date on the fly just got a whole lot easier. The meetMoi NOW app facilitates location-based mobile dating basically allowing you to hook up with singles wherever you are at any given moment. This dating app gives a whole new meaning to a lot of fish in the sea.

First, set up your profile and wait for it to be approved. I’m not single, so I tried to test it with a photo of my Chihuahua — denied! Then I realized I could upload my photo and set it to “married, seeking friends” (even though technically, I’m not married and I realized this selection could completely be for swingers, which we are most definitely not). After I filled out my profile truthfully, I received no matches, so I decided to dive in as single and test the waters. Hmm … again, I received no matches, so there must not be many users of this app yet.

If you are luckier than me, after you receive a match and you and said match are both interested in each other, you have 60 minutes to select yes. Then, if you and your match both say yes, you get 60 minutes to chat and decided if you want to meet up. Your location isn’t revealed unless you choose to reveal it, so your security isn’t technically threatened yet.

If you like finding dates online, then this app is perfect for you, and you don’t have to sift through millions of profiles to find a match — the meetMoi NOW app alerts you to the perfect matches for you. But, you might have to wait a while for the app to populate with users, so spread the word!