Mashable is one of the internet’s top social media websites that brings together news, tips and events having to do with different topics in social media. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are represented and reported on with some excellent articles on how they can be leveraged for business and personal use.

Well now it has been released as an application for Android phones. Users can download this app and have clean access to all the latest news, events, and twitter posts from With a clean interface, this app will present the information from the site in an aesthetic and easy to read way. Those of you who use RSS feeds, may want to consider this app for it’s depth and ability. Though it is only showing news from one site, it is organized very well and makes it easy to find the excellent content that Mashable puts on its blog.

Available free from the app store, anyone who follows Mashable should check this out. If you do not follow Mashable, I recommend checking out their2 site or this app. They have some excellent content and are really in tune with how Web 2.0 and Social Media can affect us on a personal and business level. It will be staying on my phone for sure as I start leveraging there excellent tips and strategies.