There were several memorable apps released in the Android Market this week, starting with an official launch from Marvel Comics. Mobile has been a great revival for graphic arts, and as Marvel finds its way in the digital world, the Android platform has a ready audience that spans the generations. American Express and ADT have also launched new Android apps, promising safety and security each in their own way. And for shopaholics, has made a swift entry into the Android Market, delivering fresh flash sales for the modern pallet.

The BOLT mobile browser for Android exited private beta this week, and is now available to the public. Version 3.0 has speed, social media integration and other content management tools, hopping on a trend that others like Opera and Dolphin are also interested in. With a focus on speed, BOLT compresses webpages in a special way to reduce data transfer time, boasting speeds that are consistently 25-50 percent faster than its rivals. With Flash and HTML5 support, BOLT is certainly on the right track for mobile users.