Everyone knows who Mario is. Well, everyone who has a smartphone at least. Although he isn’t necessarily the most copied personality in gaming, he definitely has created a legacy unrivaled by any other series. Until now, there hasn’t really been a true way to become Mario, not that there has ever been a true desire either.

But nonetheless, an app has been created to please the most hardcore of Mario fans on Android. Mario Simulator is an app that basically enables the user to create their own Mario scenarios by providing them with the tools to become the character. Users can jump and the app will make the jump noise. By holding the screen and jumping, a coin can be collected. Tapping the screen will shoot fireballs and the user can also turn on two different types of music. Altogether this app is a giant waste of time but still an awesome idea.

The chance to jump like Mario and have noises was one that rarely comes and probably for good reason. But it definitely made for some laughs while I had it. It’s available for free in the Android Marketplace so check it out and get jumping.