A medical dictionary will tell you there are two types of pain you can experience: acute and chronic. But beyond this basic definition there’s a gradient of pain you can encounter at any given time, be it emotional, stress-related or triggered by a specific event. Dealing with pain can seem an unbearable burden, but with the right resources and techniques, you can find ways to truly manage your pain. From medical resources to stress trackers, here are a few Android apps to help manage your pain, no matter when or where it affects you.

Tablet Keyboard ($2.49)

For techies in particular, chronic pain can be the result of poor posture. Curb the negative effects of using your mobile device with Tablet Keyboard, an ergonomically designed app that will save your wrists in the long run. Its split-mode for Android tablets spreads the keyboard across your device screen, optimized for tablet use. You’ll still get a full keyboard experience, complete with numbers, mimicking a computer keyboard instead of the abbreviated default version often used for mobile devices.