With their latest offering, Adult Swim restrains from the motley crew of wacky and zany characters and gameplay in favor of a more direct approach. Placing you in the trenches with their newest recruit Major Mayhem (who managed to skip a few ranks), he tries to save his girlfriend from the clutches of the Forces of Evil. Featuring an “on-rails” shooter mechanic and a host of weapons, does Major Mayhem live up to his name?

As you may have noticed, the plot behind Major Mayhem isn’t exactly a page turner. Still, the simple story complements its casual gameplay. If you’ve ever dropped a handful of quarters on arcade shooter Time Crisis, you will immediately feel at home here. Movement is restricted, save for jump dodging and shooting, and you’ll never find yourself lost as Major Mayhem’s path has been predetermined.

Shooting is as easy. See an enemy, tap to shoot, then move on to the next one. It slowly turns into a whack-a-mole affair. Major Mayhem also boasts an arsenal of weapons that can be unlocked via in-app purchase or grinding away at levels until players collect enough coins. Aside from weapons, purchases can also be made towards supplies and clothing, with the former affecting gameplay. While not a fan of in-app purchases, thankfully, Adult Swim kept the option confined to the menu screen and never in your face.

So how does Major Mayhem score? While the on-rails shooter dish has been served before, Major Mayhem doesn’t season the genre with new flavors. Though it lacks that Adult Swim magic, it’s nonetheless brainless fun. Suffice to say, Major Mayhem won’t be a memorable experience, but it will be fun one.

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