Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Is it great? Yes! Worth downloading? Absolutely. Did the creators make any missteps in producing a new version of a beloved game? Only in some annoying ad placements, but otherwise, Angry Birds Space beautifully walks the fine line of retaining the addictive gameplay of the original while still delivering challenges that feel fresh and fun.

In case you live under a rock, we’re talking about the new release of Angry Birds. In this adventure, the birds and the fiendish farm animals that taunt them have all been transported to space. The thin storyline and helpful playing tips all arrive in wordless animations because the intended audience for the game includes every human on planet earth so the game doesn’t risk alienating anyone with confusing text.

The space setting works fantastically. You still get the simple thrill of slinging birds but this release adds the extremely clever effects of micro-gravity, space junk, orbiting planetary bodies, and much more. Be warned: the solutions to the puzzles might force you to strap on the ol’ thinking cap because, in some cases, you’ll need to shoot the birds away from the pigs, rather than toward them, and leverage gravity to curve the birds around planets and space rocks to reach the targets.

If you actually want to learn more about space, the game covers that as well with video tutorials from NASA specifically made for this game. How’s that for clout? There’s no shortage of brands getting in on the action. You’ll encounter tie-ins with Walmart, National Geographic, and other companies sponsoring those annoying ads that slide down from the top of the screen and temporarily obscure part of the puzzle. But, none of this promotion gets in the way of the fun for too long.

Fresh stuff appears regularly – new costumes for the original bird stars, new characters with new powers, and new mini-games that pop in on higher levels. You’ve got hours of great gaming to get through, so get started as soon as possible.